Dominant guys, please open up. What is inside the mind of a dominant man?

One of the best examples I found was,

It's a sickness. No, the word is insufficient; it's a disease, a malady, an affliction, a blight. There's fire in my skin and I'm alive only as I burn, and the heat rises up to engulf me and purge conscious thought. It's stepping back into an older world, another life, where before I had civility and reason I had this gnawing want and this irresistible compulsion to satisfy primal needs. I want to reach out and ruin something beautiful so no one else can ever have it the same way I did. I want something, firm or brittle, that breaks when I grasp it and flows around me, desperately borrowing my own strength and rebuilding itself with pieces of me in ways I'm pleased by.

I want to own something, in such a terrible and absolute way that it can't be undone. A buzzing in my intoxicated, fire-seared brain, electricity that arcs down my spine and sets my hair to rising, tingling in my fingertips that leads to aggressive sparks with every grab and caress. I want to mark and scar and bruise and bite, I want to growl and shake and push and strike, I want to cover and fill and bend and subjugate. I want wide eyes, trembling hands, parted lips, and the sigh of the faithful when looking at her God. I want to be the word and the law, worshipped, obeyed.

That is sexual and romantic dominance in a relationship -- it devours me, it leads me to devour, it turns me from a friendly intellectual into a predator, running on an unstoppable instinctive lust to control. My every sense sharpens, I feel smarter even as I'm dumber. I hear differences in pitch and inflection, the notes of docility; I see the faint blush of skin, the downcast eyes, or the little brushes of a tongue across lips; I feel the increase in body heat, the shifting of weight, the softness of skin; I swear, though this may be delusion, when I'm in the zone I even smell and taste it, arousal and power and surrender.

It's a sickness. I am a jealous and possessive predator.
Dominant guys, please open up. What is inside the mind of a dominant man?
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