Would you "worship" and "serve" a woman?

So apparently there are some men who do the whole "women are superior to men," "women should be worshiped," "men are made to serve women," female supremacy thing. They're called Male Submissives. Sometimes they even PAY to "worship" women.

There's even some religions that focus on worshiping women & women's bodies. Yoni Tantra, for instance. (Meaning "Vagina Worship.")

Are you one of these men?

I figured it'd be fun to date one. I like to have my ego stroked sometimes. It'd be fun to be "worshiped."

If you're a Male Submissive, let me know, and I'll message you.
No. If anything, men should be worshiped. Men are superior to women.
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YES. I'm a male submissive. Women should be worshiped.
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I'd do it if a partner wanted me to
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Only with certain partners. Only some women should be worshiped. Others don't deserve to be.
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No. Men and women are equal and they should both be treated as such.
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I worship my partners, but I like to be worshiped in return.
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I'm not sexually attracted to women
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44% of guys are willing to worship, woohoo!
Would you "worship" and "serve" a woman?
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