Dealing with sister's extremist views?

Okay so my sister is a senior and she's almost 18 and she is extremely irritating to me. She is a left wing extremist and a total hypocrite. She'll say something like "all white people are racist" which in itself is racist and she just acts like white people are Satan or something. She's also a social justice warrior, you can't have a decent conversation with her without her getting all pissy like today I was telling her how it is unfair that this girl at school got dresscoded for a hole the size of a quarter three inches above her knee while I've seen several girls wearing barely there skirts get away with it and she started telling me how I "should be mad about how sexist and discriminatory the dress code is in general instead of stupid trivial things like that". Like are you joking, calm your fucking tits. I would tell her that but as soon as you say something she doesn't like she gets even more pissed off and leaves. She's just so irritating, she embodies the very things she hates just with opposing opinions. She's going to university soon but has decided to attend one near my house so I'm stuck with her for a minimum of 2 more years! How do I deal with her, please help?
Dealing with sister's extremist views?
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