How open do you want your SO to be about their kinks?

Would you want you SO to be completely open and honest about his/her freakier fetishes and sexual fantasies even if he/she knows that you are not into that kind of stuff, maybe even turned off or more?

Now many people will think that you should of course talk about it... maybe find a middle way which you like both... but then when you look about the reactions about certain things on this site, they can be quite extreme, from "being disgusted" to "I'd dump him" you can read pretty extreme things. So it's kinda understandable that many people are afraid opening up completely about this to their partner.
I wanna know everything, even if it's not my cup of tea and I know that I can't fulfill his/her sexual desires completely.
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I don't wanna know if it's clear that I don't like it. It might cause problems and knowing I can't please him/her fully might make me feel bad.
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How open do you want your SO to be about their kinks?
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