Girls, Did my girlfriend flash on purpose?

My mate came over to pick up some boxes he left at ours last time. My girlfriend was still in her PJ pants & a black tank top, she decided to help & carried a box to his car. I walked outside a minute later & was shocked to see her leaning over in the back of the car with both her boobs completely hanging out in front of him. She didn't realise until she looked down & screamed " my tits" & covered them.

My friend said when she walked upto the car 1 of her nipples was poking out & he was about to tell her until she leaned over & both her boobs popped out. My girlfriend said she forgot she didn't have a bra on & didn't feel them hanging out until she saw him looking at her chest area.

We laughed it off but I'm wondering how she didn't know she was showing, wouldn't you feel it? I could understand maybe if it was only a nipple but both boobs were out or Do you think she did it on purpose?
Girls, Did my girlfriend flash on purpose?
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