Why is he mad at me?

I didn't want to ask this but it's in the back of my mind annoying the hell out of me.

two weeks ago my friends with benefits wanted me to come over and i told him before we met up that i'm not doing friends with benefits and that we WON'T be having sex.

we end up drinking and talking and (shocking) he tries to make a move which i reject. He continues to try to hook up and I kept saying no (but being friendly and laughing) we did end up making out... but then he unbuttoned my shorts like 3 times. After trying to explain to him that I just don't wan't hookups anymore and only want real interactions and relationships he seemed okay with it and took me home (we talked and laughed the whole time).

But since that day he doesn't wave to me on campus he answers and ends text with... (so i've just stopped texting him) and is acting like i don't exist.

Now i'd assume he's mad I turned him down, but he's also seemingly a giant slut (100% was a slut in the past i have no idea if he still is, he says he's not) so why would he get so mad if he can find another girl to sleep with in a second?

*I'd also told him that he never made me orgasm during the year+ span of our hook ups... so did that make him mad? I'm just confused

why do you think he's acting like this.

*ps it's not like he's some douche or at least he was NEVER one with me, he always treated me with respect so it's not like him to act like this
Why is he mad at me?
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