Why does the "OTHER WOMAN" always get blamed?

This has been bothering me lately, especially seeing how people went after Rachel Roy after the whole Beyonce video release supposedly alluding to the fact that Jay-Z cheated on her. Why not go after Jay-Z? He was the one in a relationship, not the OTHER girl (or girls)!

I posted a question on here a few days ago about how my friend's boyfriend made a creepy comment to me after I joked around with him first, and literally EVERYONE was blaming ME for it, saying I asked for it, I put ideas in his head, and how could I do that to my friend, etc. It makes it seem like girls are to blame for guys being WEAK. SO if a guy is a serial cheater, it's every other girls' fault if she came onto him first?

Well, what I say is that even though what I said to him was OBVIOUSLY a joke, and what he said back to me was obviously NOT, even if I HAD actually tried to throw every sexy trick I know at him, HE is the one in a relationship who ultimately made the decision to emotionally cheat on his girlfriend... with HER friend. SMH.

Y'all need to learn to place the blame where it truly lies: WITH THE CHEATER!
Why does the "OTHER WOMAN" always get blamed?
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