My mom posted a nearly naked picture of me?


I hate my mom right now.. So yesterday when i got out of the shower, i have no idea why i did it.. but i put on one of my little cousins pull ups and ran around the house pretending to like her haha, I WAS REALLY BORED my little cousin thought it was funny because i was wearing exactly what she was, i played with her and stuff for a while. when my mom got home from work she was like what the hell are you doing? at first but then she was like this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!. she told me she wanted to take pictures of me, i didn't really think anything of it, i started doing poses and having fun. but this morning when i got on facebook i found out that she posted one of them and tagged me in it! the caption was like "shes still my little girl! LOL!" it doesn't sound that bad, but the picture is weird.. i could see how the idea of what she's thinking could be cute, it doesn't show anything private but it shows wayyy to much of me, if i was wearing a shirt or something it would probably be different. its just stupid.. i of course untagged myself but she tagged me in it again. I've been begging her to take it down but she won't. the worst part is the comments, i commented on it asking her to take it down and a bunch of people including my friends told her not to and started making fun of me. she also had an entire conversation with some guy she works with about how i walk around naked all the time then her and several other people started "joking" about how they could all come over for dinner to see. she knows it makes me upset, i was seriously crying about it earlier and she fucking told me she was going to post more and started laughing. is stuff like this normal? do you think she is getting some kind of sexual satisfaction out of it? she's really fat and she's been single forever (my dad left when i was born)
its like she sees no harm in it but its seriously the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to me. im so frustrated ughhhh;aljdkfladf
My mom posted a nearly naked picture of me?
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