What makes a guy insecure?

My husband makes me feel very insecure, he said i have an ugly voice, sounding like a guy. He says i look ugly. Whenever i fix myself and wear makeup, he would criticize me, tell me to quit acting so pretty, and said i look like im crying when i wear makeup. He is embarassed to be with me. He also watches japanese pov porn, watches sexy famous women online, and watches movies that has sexy seductive women. He is a totally different man from when we both were still dating. At that time, he would always tell me im beautiful, not afraid to hold onto me, my hands, and kiss me in public. He doesn't ever look at other women, i felt like the only girl in his world. And everytime when there's a scene of a naked women, he would turn over to me, looks and kisses me until its over. He tells me he falls in love with me more, hearing my voice.

Because he makes me feel so insecure and disregarded my feelings every single time, I posted pictures of myself on instagram. And he would get mad everytime, saying that i dont even look beautiful.

What makes a guy insecure? I guess i dont have the choice to leave him, but to pay back. Am i wrong?
What makes a guy insecure?
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