What to do when your crush is way out of your league?

So there's this guy in my art class who I thought was really attractive for a while. It wasn't until we had a really awkward introduction that I started developing an actual crush on him. We don't talk much cause every time we do it's kinda awkward cause I'm super awkward and I become even more awkward when I'm around people I find attractive. He tried to talk to me once or twice, and he laughs at some of my jokes even when I'm talking to someone else, and he stares at me a lot (I think he just has eye contact issues cause he stares at a lot of people). So anyway this guy is like a perfect 10 according to my beauty standards. Perfect skin, curly hair, good teeth, nice figure, and a pretty good personality as far as I can tell. He's like way out of my league. One of my friends rated me as a 7. I've only ever been called a 10 once, but I'm pretty sure that guy was just horny and wanted some easy sex. I'm kinda chubby, and I have awful skin cause I'm a constant skin picker so I get new scars and scabs like every other week. I hang out with the weird kids who talk about cartoons, scary movies, listen to bad mixtapes, and other dumb things. I feel as though my personality is pretty good though. I have one of those one of kind personalities. If given the chance, and if I really want to become friends with somebody, and they don't make me feel super awkward then there's like a 99.9% chance that I'll sucessfully befriend that person. I'm generally well liked, but whenever I get around people I'm attracted to I can't act normal. This guy is like wayyyyyy out of my league and my closest female friend is also attracted to him and I'm pretty sure she's prettier than me.
What to do when your crush is way out of your league?
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