How to break news to judgmental family?

I'm tied up in knots over this situation, so any advice is appreciated. My family is mostly strict Pentacostals and not very understanding. Anyway, I'm pregnant, or at least I believe I am, and I don't know how I'm going to tell them or how I should approach this because I need their love and support. Here's the story, I was hanging out with a guy friend from school. I'm in my final year of college. We decided to have sex and we agreed that he would just pull out since I'm not using birth control. Yes I know that was dumb in hindsight. Anyway, he didn't pull out. I didn't even know he finished. Usually I can tell when a guy is about to cum but not this time. His breathing never changed. His thrusting never changed. None of the tell tale signs. He just stopped and flopped down beside me on the bed. It looked like there was cum on the tip of his dick. I asked if he had cum and he said yes. I was annoyed that he did that but thought I would probably be ok. Well I'm two weeks late as of now and I pretty sure he got me pregnant. I will see my doctor and find out for sure. I dread having to tell my family if it's true. They will judge me for having a child out of wedlock and for having casual sex period. To complicate things, I'm white and he is black and I know they will hate that. Has anyone been in a similar situation and how did you handle it? I texted him to ask why he did that and he just said it felt too good and I was so sexy that he couldn't stop. I told him I think I'm pregnant from it and he was kind of distant at first but then said it would be ok that it was cool that a "crazy white girl" might be his baby's mama. I'm angry that he put me in this position but then I'm guilty too. I guess it probably is hard for a horny 21 year old guy to pull out of the place he most wants to be at the moment of orgasm. Like I said any advice here is appreciated on how to handle this with a rigid religious family. I guess I just really needed to vent here as well.
How to break news to judgmental family?
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