How did you know you were bi? How did you open up to experimenting?

Si, I never full thought of myself as bisexual or lesbian. And I don't want to be one of those types of girls, but its honestly been a thought that's been in my mind. When I was in a relationship, woth my now ex boyfriend. I'd be able to agree or point out females I found attractive, I'd be turned on by girl on girl pornography, and sometimes if look at pictures of females (I became obsessed with trying to change my body) sometimes I'd just notice my heart beat would pick up. I've had a few dreams maybe two or three of being with a girl. And there's this one friend I have that honestly just love to spend time with being at work with her and talking to her would make me feel joyful, sometimes I'd rather try to hang out with her than my (ex) boyfriend. I have friends who are bi or lesbian and fully accept them, Ives wanted to ask them how did they know but don't want to offend them.
Also I do see myself more with a guy at the end of the day, but since my ex left me my mind has gone to other places, I don't want to be one of those girls who say a guy did me wrong so now I'm lesbian. Again a large part of me sees myself woth a boyfriend or husband kids the more traditional thing. But sometimes I just get these feelings or thoughts. I'd be open to experiment but wouldn't want to hurt a girl in the process or waist her time.
I really don't know how to handle these feelings it also makes me nervous because I admitted to finding Scarlett Johnson attractive and my mom looked horrified.

How did you know you were bi? How did you open up to experimenting?
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