Why do girls hate virgin guys so much?

When I told my first girlfriend I was a virgin, she was shocked. We were getting very intimate in bed for the first time. We took all our clothes off and I told her. It almost killed the mood. She was like "Why? You're not ugly." And I couldn't think of an answer to give her. Honestly, I did not have much dating experience prior to her at all. We were in our early 20s at the time, and we had been dating for only a couple months. After she calmed down from her freak-out, she convinced me that she should go on birth control and lose it without the condom and wait 5 days. So we just fooled around and did oral (first time with a girl). 5 days later she said, "I think we should see other people. I can't handle this responsibility of sleeping with and dating a virgin."

It was devastating. I made sure to keep quiet about my virginity to the next girl who actually took it a couple years later. I didn't form a relationship with that girl in the end.

To this day I wish I would've told my girlfriend the reason I was still a virgin was because I am extremely picky, and she was the first girl to ever meet my criteria to give my virginity to (which is semi-true). I haven't been in a serious relationship ever since.

Why do girls hate virgins?
Why do girls hate virgin guys so much?
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