Do you guys feel sorry for women?

I mean there are like so many things against them, that i kinda feel sorry for them. Like they have too deal with:

1. Periods and other stuff
2. they are physically weaker and tend to be more emotional
3. have to always fight to get their voice heard
4. defined by their looks and most times have to put way more effort than us guys
5. have to choose between career and home-life, like so few women can manage a balance between the two
6. Much harder to find a long term partner
7. So many women today never find love and end up single
8. their looks fade after a while
9. can't orgasm as easily as we can
10. Constantly struggling between being "feminine" and being "bossy" (like in leadership roles)
11. increasing rates of depression
12. tough lives being single and lonely
13. competition from other girls
14. judged on how their body looks by the media and people
and much more :(

i feel sorry for girls sometimes, man it sounds like a tough life.
Do you guys feel sorry for women?
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