Guys, Inappropriate arousal? Partner seemed a bit turned on when a young girl on tv talked about sex?

HI, I hope you can help. I've lived with my boyfriend for 3 years, we are now engaged. Something happened quite a while ago, I ignored it but it keeps bugging me. We were watching TV one evening, a program about a school. A girl of about 6 was being interviewed about her teachers who had just got engaged. It was a sweet and funny interview and she said her teachers were doing 'cute things together' (I guess she was thinking holding hands and kissing). My boyfriend shifted and suddenly lurched forward, as if to hide his crotch, and exclaimed 'SHEs cute!' about the girl. It made me feel odd, like he was turned on, I know there was a sexual element to the subject, but a child was talking.
On another occasion we were watching the Graham Norton show and two grown women were talking about sex. One said when she was 9 she thought it sounded gross, so wrote herself a chastity letter to say she would never have sex and ate it! It was a funny memory, but again my partner seemed to suddenly shift (open legs a bit) and rearrange himself, and he seemed to have a slight hard on.
He has no personal computer to have dodgy images on, and always leaves his phone unlocked around the place and has no dodgy images on there. He does really adore children and is pretty broody, he gets on well with kids but never makes any particular effort to see friends or family who have kids and has never tried to spend any time alone with them.
I guess I'm worried he finds innocent children talking about sex a turn-on (although one was a child and the other an adult reminiscing). Is it possible he just got aroused because they were talking about sex, or it was a bit deviant? Or it just triggers some memory for him when he was younger? Or is the penis not that predictable. Neither situation I saw a full on hard on, but he definitely had a sudden reaction of some kind. The only other times he's reacted a bit like this is when watching a few other (normal) sexually charged scenes in films.
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Hi thanks. Yes AustinMan I need 2 talk to him. This happened about 2 years ago so I doubt he'll even remember. I did bring the subject up with him 6months ago in a general way, just saying for some reason I felt uncomfortable with him in this sense. He seemed really shocked and hurt and at the time I completely believed his response. But this incidence has kept niggling. It's good to know it could just be a bit random, the idea it stirred him because it's a taboo thing kind of resonates too
Guys, Inappropriate arousal? Partner seemed a bit turned on when a young girl on tv talked about sex?
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