What is your deepest darkest fantasy?

I would never admit this unless totally anonymous... And it is only a fantasy, I would never want to actually act on it but...

It really turns me on to think of my fiancé being treat like a little slut. I love the thought of me wearing a strap on and fukcing his ass, I imagine the moans and groans I would hear from this and it drives me wild.

I also think about him sucking a mans dick like a little bitch. I like to sometimes think about a man sucking him too. The thought of him playing with a cock or having another guy play with his... Wow!

Also him wearing my panties and seeing his hard cock stetching the fabric. Then I tell him that he's a naughty little slut and he's going to get my big cock up his pussy and I fuck him with a huge strap on while rubbing his dick and telling him his clit is so hard.

I like to think of him watching me fuck another man and he's got to lick all his cum out my pussy once he's done.

basically anything to make him seem submissive and have me in complete control. In reality I am very submissive and he is always in charge, he's a macho manly man who would faint if I told him what I really thought about. He likes to be the dominant one (and I do too in every day normal life) but I do fantasie about this a lot! We are both very old fashioned in reality and I wouldn't ever want to act on this even if he agreed as I would never want someone else to join or humiliate him like that, I wouldn't be able to look at him the same way ever again. But I think it's just how taboo it is that gets me going wild!

So.. What is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy? Have you ever acted on it? What was it like? Would you ever admit it?
What is your deepest darkest fantasy?
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