What is problem with white women?

i make a question on this before but it was deleted but im not trying to hrut feelings? so ill try again

i am original from india and we have very different culture very different people to uk us germany france. so i am confused when i look at white women in these countryes why do they act so poorly? not only love sex too much without haveing kids but i seen pictures of white girls that hold up signs welcmoe muslims yet they rape you and children but you dont wnat to talk bad abotu them? in india we invent Sikhs because we know what danger muslims can be they were warrios bred to fight muslim. but white women let them in with open arms?

also why do white men allow this? in india we tret women very well they can vote but there are some things india men keep them in control for good of countrey. i think white men need to do this bfeore its too late.

thoughts? i do not mean for my question to be removed?
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for some reaosn would not go to society and culture this is not meant to be in sexual behaviour
What is problem with white women?
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