Guys, how do you react when your girl moans in bed?

I spent the evening at my boyfriend's house last night. I naturally have a very high sex drive, but last night it was particularly bad. I was ready to attack him from the moment I walked in the door, but he was stuck watching his siblings. They're at an age where just putting on a cartoon and sitting them in front of the TV for 30 minutes won't work. The youngest one is at that special age where it seems like all he's interested in is trying to find ways to kill himself (finding ways onto tables and almost falling off, playing with stuff like nail polish remover, trying to stick his fingers into the outlets) so watching him at all times is a must. My boyfriend picked up on my libido and chose to tease me throughout the night. Grabbing my ass whenever he had to get up, playing with my breasts while I was covered with his jacket, rubbing my thighs while we were laying on the couch, for 3 hours this went on and for 3 hours my want for him didn't let up. Finally, his parents came home and kicked us out of the living room and into his bedroom. The kids stayed in the living room and we were finally alone. After another 20 minutes of teasing, we started getting hot and heavy. When he finally touched me, I couldn't hold back. I started moaning louder than usual, grasping at the sheets, trying to cover my mouth with my hand still fisted into the blanket to keep everyone else from hearing me. My boyfriend started chucking at me, and I got a little self-conscious. I thought maybe I was making a fool out of myself and he was laughing at how ridiculous I looked/sounded. I asked him why he was laughing at me and he told me I looked/sounded really cute to him. Guys, how do you react to your girl? And ladies, how does your guy react?
Guys, how do you react when your girl moans in bed?
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