A fuckboy got a hold of my heart , Should I let him take my virginity?

We met my sophmore year and his junior year. I was 15 and At the time i didn't know that he was a fuckboy. hell i didn't even know what a fuckboy was until i described the things he was doing to my friends and they labeled him. He is the cutest boy in the school. All the girls want him and he's the most popular guy in the school. All the guys. respect him. He is a star varsity football player, a star track runner, he's really smart (top 15% in his class) he is the best drawer\artist in the school, he is the leader of a step team etc. And he is a really nice respectful person. He gets along w the nerds, jocks, drama geeks, band geeks, popular kids, and even the "gang bangers" of the school like him. I discovered he's had sex with a lot of girls. He has hoes in every grade level and girls even comes to his house to do his homework. When i met him ( In AP English) i was ignorant to all of that. However i feel like the guy i met and the guy everyone knows him for is completely didferent. We have been friends for almost 2 years and never once has he tried anything on me. His best friend told me that he likes me and i like him too. And i really have feelings for him, I've never gotten so close emotionally to any other guy before. I want him to take my virginity but what if everyone was right and he really is just trying to play me? But would a guy really keep up a fake friendship for 2 years just to get some Ass? He reached out to me on VDay. He told me i was beautiful and that he respects me and my virginity is worth a lot and that he didn't want to do anything with me until he got his life together. Im so confused I want to belive the person i met is genuine and that he cares about me But the stuff i hear about him is ridiculous. He even had sex with two sisters!!) Some of my friends think he cares about me and he just doesn't want to hurt me but my other friends think he's running game.
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A fuckboy got a hold of my heart , Should I let him take my virginity?
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