Why do so many teen girls have "crushes" on older men?

When I was in jr high & high school, nearly every girl had a crush on our Math and Science teachers. One was 24 yo & the other in his 40's. Both of them were extremely handsome and only the 40 yo was married.

Today I was at the mall buying a new bikini and overheard 4 girls going on & on about older guys, especially how one of the girl's single dad was so "hot and a major hunk". I got curious so I followed them around til they went to the food court. I eavesdropped & it blew my mind the stuff they talked about. (From their conversation, Abby the 11yo is the one with the "hot" single dad, Juanita is 14 yo, Destiny is 13yo, & Heidi is almost 14yo.)

I won't repeat what they asked Abby about her dad, but I was really shocked to hear the older ones go on & on about sexual stuff and what they hoped to do "if Teacher so and so or if girl X's older brother would like the sexy bikinis they bought?"

Where I grew up in Decatur, GA, most teen girls might talk about a hot guy teacher, but when it came to dating, making out, and sex, we did it with guys our age or just out of high school.

I live in CA now and from what I overheard, Juanita and Heidi both have had sex with guys over 20 yo & Destiny has had sex with a 40 yo guy that she baby sits for on a pretty regular basis.

Seeing all these girls. I was tempted to believe this is all made up, except for the stuff they were telling Abby what they would do with her dad.

WHAT IS OUR SOCIETY COMING TO? To me, it felt like this was just girls doing "who can make up the best lie", but based upon the clothes they bought and how they dressed, they were serious.

Is this Society going back to the 1800's where 12 yo to 14yo girls were married to 30 to 50 yo men?

Or is this just the Media's influence on teens that says we are to sexualizes ourselves to attract men, no matter what social mores used to be?

I admit I was no teen saint or am now.
Why do so many teen girls have "crushes" on older men?
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