How to introduce new role-play fantasy into longstanding relationship?

How do I get my wife of over a dozen years to let me rape her? In a role-playing fantasy sense. After this many years we could use some spicing up.

I recently watched a romcom where the wife tells husband she wants him to rape her. This got me remembering:
Twenty years ago, when my live-in girlfriend came home one day, I said "I missed you so much I wanted to rape you the second you came home." She said "I wish you would."
This led a chat about her having rape fantasies, and wanting to try them out. She was very accommodating of me (I like women in pantyhose/tights). I told her I'd do whatever she wanted. I was a little scared to do this stuff but it really turned her on. I'd rape her, and other times she'd do me. We had safe words, acceptable role playing ways of knocking each other out. She liked being handled: dragged and undressed and tied. She would come to orgasm sometimes while I was pulling clothes off her limp body or while she was strugging. I came to like it.

Years later, in another (shorter) relationship, the subject came up; much to my surprise she told me she wanted to try it. She also seemed to really enjoy the stuff. In both relationships the woman actually initiated the "rape fantasy role play" so it must not be that unusual a thing.

My wife is very understanding of my pantyhose fetish, and enjoys it when I rip them off her, so you would think I could just share this other fantasy easily, but we've known each other for 15 years, and I've never brought this up. It just seems weird and I'm worried she'll be upset that I hid this from her. From things she has said over the years I don't think she's naturally into it.

Is there any way to bring this up that won't totally freak her out? We've been through a lot together; this is the only significant thing I've never shared.

What have you done, in long-standing relationships, to bring up something like an embarrasing fantasy that probably should have come out earlier?
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Has anyone else faced a similar issue, of introducing something new and "edgy" into a longstanding relationship?
How to introduce new role-play fantasy into longstanding relationship?
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