If prostitutes are so bad then why do so many men use them?

So many men use them and a lot in secret that there are no real true figures, infact some studies suggest that a larger than expected number of men have paid for sex at some point in their lives... i think i remember one article saying it could be as large as 1 in 10 men. Many saying that a lot of men have at least tried it once... perhaps simply out of curiousity be it when they were single while looking for a partner or even in a relationship but never again and ofcourse have kept it a secret.

Not all are the sterotypical that most women would love to believe. Some are rich and powerful, good married family men with children or even a group of men (many with gf's and wives) on a friends stag who happen to be abroad and see how easily accessable it is.

A lot of these guys do love the women they are with but something in them (which perhaps we will never understand) wanted to have sex with a professional. Maybe its biology ie men want to always spread their seed... who knows. But i just don't get the stigma. I never have, but it does fascinate me and i can see its appeal... ie to choose the girl you want to have sex with and with a girl who will let you do all the sexual stuff you want.

so why is there this stigma and why is it considered such a bad thing, espacially from women who are not in the sex industry?
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People seem to be using the whole why people murder or why people do drugs argument. Sex is completely different to those things, people choose to do drugs or murder someone but sex is a biological urge so it is completely different.
If prostitutes are so bad then why do so many men use them?
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