How to get my boyfriend to appreciate makeup?

Ok so the first time my boyfriend met me it was without me wearing any makeup at all because back then I didn't know how to use makeup. (Seriously) I didn't even know what blending means or what a primer does. Anyways, my boyfriend told me that he hates it when girls wear makeup so that's why he chosed me, because I didn't wear makeup at all back then. But he says that he's not going to force me to not wear makeup when I want to. It's just that he prefers me without makeup.

i started experimenting with makeup a while ago and have gotten really great at it (at least from what others have told me). But my boyfriend says that my skin looks all cakey and fake and he says that everytime he tries to feel my cheeks, some of my foundation gets onto his hands and he doesn't like that. Also he's told me that he hates that he can't kiss me because I don't want him to ruin my lipstick.

But I find it hyprocritcal how guys say they don't like girls who wear makeup yet most of the girls they look at daily who they think are attractive like celebrities and porn stars all wear a shitload of makeup.

How can can I make my boyfriend appreciate me with makeup on? I really like that he loves me without makeup but I don't put on makeup to look good for guys.

And if if you're curious about what makeup I use, I wear foundation, concealer, contour, lip color, highlight, blush, eyeliner, sometimes eyeshadow, drawn on brows, mascara, and falsies.
How to get my boyfriend to appreciate makeup?
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