I can't get laid no matter what?

I have a serious problem i dont seem to be able to get laid, i was on vacation once and i could sleep with 4 girls but i was kinda busy and different situations prevented me from having sex with them, girls find me good looking and attractive, i smell, look and dress nice, my hair is always good... etc basically looks wise iam quite hot and attractive to most if not all girls i meet but i just can get any girl to have sex with me, the few girls i dated refused having sex saying they want to wait until marriage, didn't get past stage 2 even though i was quite a catch ( yeah they admitted that) right now i have few numbers and i did talk to few girls here and there, but they act hot and cold, giving attention then taking it and iam quite a cold person who gets bored easily so this behaviour to me means they are not interested, even thought face to face they sound as interested as ever !! but over text they sound shy, busy or something... etc

An another issue i dont have a flat nor do most of the girls around me i only have a car... any ideas? what can i do? i tried playing it cool and stealthy, didn't work, being blunt didn't work either...
I can't get laid no matter what?
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