I think my boyfriend raped me Advice?

I drink like a huge thing of vodka and 4 shots every weekend. My boyfriend is always there to take me home and make sure I dont hurt myself all night and then he tells me about everything the next day. I always have this dream that there is a guy sexually assaulting me while I am drunk and I hit the guy in my dream and I was screaming at hi to stop and I scratch him but he ends up raping me. The next day I wake up with bruises all over my arms neck and legs and my shirt is ripped off. I ask my boyfriend about the bruises and he tells me that i go crazy when i am drunk and that I try to fight him and he has to hold me down to stop me from hitting him. I asked him about my shirt off and he paused and said "You were coming on to me strong and things got rough last night but we had a fun time". So i asked him if he raped me. He said no. I asked him to show me his back and arms (to see scratch marks) he refuses gets up and leaves. Advice?
I think my boyfriend raped me Advice?
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