I Got Punished and Molested in front my family for a long time, What I suppose to do?

I am a 19 year now, but most of the time I have fears like a girl. I always feel unsafe when I travel at night and in dark places. I am scared of tall men. I start stammering while talking to them. I have no confidence most of time.

When I was 13 years old, I got an infection near my genitals & thighs. I was rubbing my genitals for many days. My sisters complained to my mom. Mom thought that I have grown up and was masturbating. She warned me not do this in-front of sisters, but due to itch I did it many times.

My mom took me to a quack. He asked me to remove my clothes, but there was only a small room, so I didn't want to strip in-front of mom and sisters, but I was forced to strip. He checked me and found no disease. He told my mom that I was misbehaving as I did not have any problem. Mom got very angry.

He suggested a punishment. He told my sisters to count 1 2 3 up-to 10, as he is going to pull my penis 10 times as a punishment. Hearing this, all started laughing, at beginning mom was not sure but later my sister’s insisted and my mom gave her consent for this punishment. Then he suddenly grabbed my tiny penis and started pulling it. He was pulling it very hard so it was painful and embarrassing.

When I returned home, my sisters told this to everyone, most of my family persons found this a effective and funny punishment for me and later my mom or aunt started calling that guy ( quack) to home to punish me like this, he was a rude surly guy and he would come to house get me nude and used to yank and pull on my penis badly in front my whole family and i had no choice and i was helpless in front him, so slowly slowly i became very much sacred of him and I lost all my confidence when it was happened I was very young, just 12-13 years old and I could not do anything against them. What can I do now against them all?
I Got Punished and Molested in front my family for a long time, What I suppose to do?
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