Why is it fine for girls to get laid?

but for guys like me who haven't dated or held hands, kissed, etc... Why can't I get laid if my chances of trying to find a date hasn't happened yet? I'm so damn frustrated that I'm starting to get the feeling of giving up on everything. It's ok for my friends, but when I ask them what they do they ignore the question, when I asked girls they yell at me about it? Guess for the last 15 years or so of my life trying to find a girlfriend in school, in college, now that I'm 30 I'm expected by family to already been married and have a 4 year degree and I can't show for either. I'm starting to kinda be excommunicated and I hate how European with marriage and things they have been to the point where if I'm not allowed to at least date I'll at least hopefully enjoy some erotic one night stands but most likely not since anytime I e asked about it I've been told no. I'm starting to believe I'll never find any in regards to erotic times, to a girlfriend, or a future wife.
Why is it fine for girls to get laid?
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