Boyfriend's friend is having an overnight party, should I go?

My boyfriend has told me about a games night his mate is organizing, it'll be at the mates place and parents will not be around (because his parents are fucktards and don't let him HAVE friends over when they're around (more to the story. That's not the point))

I asked my grandparents if they can pick me up the morning after so I can make it to karate on time, and they brought up the point that I don't actually know who's going (even though I can guess and know almost all of my bfs friends) my Poppy (grandpa) is concerned about the whole issue of, if there's somebody there I don't know, or if one of the guys isn't as great as everyone thinks, then I could be overpowered and raped.

But now, because my grandparents are being paranoid, I'VE gotten a little paranoid.

If something did happen to me, if one of the guys did start putting his hands on me, I don't have the physical strength to stop something happening. My boyfriend doesn't have the physical strength to do anything. He's a twig.
Yeah I know karate, but if push comes to shove, the moment I get knocked down I'm screwed. I know how to block and avoid kicks and punches, and how to roll with a knife, but not how to get out of any holds (except the headlock). If I scream I could very well nearly burst an ear drum or two (I have lungs I'll tell you that) but other than that, once Im down I'm out. Game over. I can think of a hundred and one ways to get out of a situation like that, and a thousand and two ways that he could STOP me getting out.

So yeah. I'm now paranoid. But I still really wanna go (because game night) and I know that none of the guys who would turn up (and I'm pretty sure one of the guys who would show up has a girlfriend, so I won't be the ONLY chick there) would ever do that.

What should I do?
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I've asked who's coming, but I haven't gotten a sure answer so...
Boyfriend's friend is having an overnight party, should I go?
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