Guys, from this description of me, would you date me?

I have a slim figure, I'm scared most guys wouldn't want me because I'm basically a 'stick'. (5'6 108lbs) I have light blonde hair and brown eyes, people often tell me my face looks like a real life doll's face. from my looks I guess I would be described as lolita? I don't know.

I seriously love animals, it's my favorite thing in the world. I'm an introvert and quite antisocial, I'm really quiet and shy in real life... I love climbing, it's weird but I'm actually good at it, I even got the nickname 'monkey' when I was a child lol... right now my biggest interests are art, web&game developing, and I also like to binge watch youtube on my free time and play video games.

there's one thing though... I suffer from severe depression, ocd, and my doctor even suspects I suffer from bulimia, and I know that sounds scary and many guys I know told me they wouldn't date a girl like that. but honestly I don't expect much from a boyfriend, and it's not like I have rampage attacks where I can't be controlled. honestly all I want from a future boyfriend is to hold me whenever I have depression attacks and respect the fact that sometimes I'm not in the mood for going out or doing things.

I'm a virgin and I hate it, but I wish to do it with someone who already has some experience, and really loves me and can take care of me. I also find bdsm exciting and I always had a fantasy of being completely helpless and tied up, and taken advantage of by maybe even more than one person. I'm also open when it comes to other fetishes.

sorry for the super long text. I'm not seeking for approval or something, I just want to know what most guys think about a girl like me when it comes to dating. thank you for your time.
Guys, from this description of me, would you date me?
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