Anti-Discrimination discriminates billions?

Okay so everyone here has heard of the new LGBT rights act movement, And one thing I've noticed is how gays/lesbians and transgenders are fighting to make everything equal. That is the goal right? Right? Wrong. They are fighting to make everyone desensitized.
There was a story on a gay couple who wanted a wedding cake made from this store but the owner was a Christian and therefore refused, The gay couple went on to sue this man saying that they "didn't want anyone to be discriminated." And I'm over here thinking "You are discriminating religious people."

The world has gone to this cycle for thousands of years, From one extreme to the other. We have gone from strict to liberal, Strict to liberal, over and over again.
We are discriminating religious people AGAIN for sticking up for what they believe.
So a man can say he FEELS like a woman today and can walk into the ladies changing room/bathroom and no one says a thing but when a Christian or any religious person sticks up and says "I believe in God (s) they are pounded on and said they are wrong.
Sorry but I don't see how allowing transgender, And lets be clear, Transgender people makes up.3% of the population. NOT EVEN A HALF OF A PERCENT, Yet your going to put over 7 million Christians, And over 1/2 of the population that is women alone to be put in danger because that.3% of people wants to feel equal.

How is that safe, or reasonable or even sane? Yes, Being discriminated SUCKS and I am sorry for those who are. But putting BILLIONS of people at risk and MILLIONS of people to stuff their believes in their face and shut up is not right!

If you have a penis go to the guys restroom, if you have a vagina and boobs use the ladies restroom.
Feel uncomfortable for the few minutes that you go pee and poo. changing the policy will do little and in fact be worse off.

Anti-Discrimination discriminates more people then it protects.
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Anti-Discrimination discriminates billions?
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