How to deal with my views on being gay while having gay friends?

I am against gay marriage and the LGBT movement. I'll put that out there right now. I have family members who are gay, and while I sincerely love them and relish in their happiness, I cannot support gay marriage. I also have friends who are gay. I don't treat these people any differently, and I don't hate or, as the term "phobic" goes, have an irrational or extreme fear of them. I just do not believe in the way they conduct their lives. I believe marriage itself is between a man and a woman, though am still considering my views on civil unions. Overall, I don't hate people based on sexual orientation, though I am against it.

Why did I say all that? Because I know some people (I loosely call them "friends") who would think me the scum of the earth if they knew my views, no matter how reasonably I attempt to defend them. I've thus far narrowly avoided talking or delving deeply into the realm of gay matters and the LGBT movement, though the topic seems to come up more and more. I like to believe I have a right to my opinion not to agree, as they have a right to agree with and support such things. Yet, and I've seen it occur before, these types of girls will rip me to shreds if they ever found out my true position on such matters. My question is: what should I do?

One thing to bear in mind: these girls are very close to some of my actual GOOD friends. To break away from them would cause severe drama, and I want to avoid that if possible. If worse comes to worse, however, I may have to... advice would be nice.

Please, also, refrain from attacking my views. They are mine, and I am entitled to my opinion. I've remained anonymous for this reason specifically. Not that I am assuming I'll be attacked here, but... better safe than sorry.

Don't associate with these people if they don't tolerate your opinions
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If they ask, just lie to keep peace. Otherwise don't state your opinion and keep your mouth shut.
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When the topic comes up, find a way to leave the conversation so that you can avoid both lying and expressing your views.
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Other (if you have another solution, please describe it in the comments below)
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THIS is a popular question: why don't I condone it. Well, I'll be frank. I can't explain really why, as it's more of an abstract thing. No one ever forced me to think this way. I just always felt, personally, that gay marriage wasn't right (I've given up on trying to defend this since a few people have already attacked me on that point). I just don't understand or condone marriage between those of the same sex.
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Alright. So it seems a majority of people actually don't believe in the idea that people can just simply have their opinions. This proves my point. Thanks for participating, everyone.
How to deal with my views on being gay while having gay friends?
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