I am in a committed relationship and have a kink I really need done for me. What do I do?

I am in a committed relationship. We have a healthy sexual relationship including sex, oral and hand play. No anal and no interest. I get as much sex as I want. She will even get me off when she doesn't need sex. However... i have a kink that's another path to orgasm. It involves tools and technique now on the fringe, although it's popularity is growing. There is a huge internet market for the tools that support my kink, which is done solo, straight and gay, ranging from moderate to extreme. I am moderate, have some of thsee tools and do it for myself with good "outcomes". Once I discovered it I was immediately "addicted". I get orgasms that are far stronger than any other way including (If I wanted it) two girls doing what they do at the same time and hitting all the hot spots. Fortunately, it is so intense, I only need it once in a while. My kink would by much better if it were done by the skilled hands of a girl, but trying to introduce this into my relationship would certainly harm what i already have. There are numerous video clips on the internet about my kink. I look at a few solo for technique and Girl on Guy. Its clear by guys' "outcomes" that the effects are amazing. So now to my question.
My kink is known but rare among sex workers. This is likely because it first emerged among BDSM enthusiasts and involved pain and "torture" before being tamed in technique and by technology to the point of offering genuine sexual pleasure. I am thinking of going to a "pro" with my tools and viewable video to train her on what I want and then go to her for a "fix" when my "thirst" gets strong. I don't want any relationship or other sexual intimacy and view this as I would an ethical masseuse. Its just one would get the kinks out of my back and the other would get the kink out of my libido. What do you think of the ethics of paying for something I "need" that I can't get any other way? Sure, I could do without it but would this business arrangement do any harm?
I am in a committed relationship and have a kink I really need done for me. What do I do?
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