My husband threatens to leave me because I fucked more guys than he thought?

My husbands new boss is a guy who I had casual sex with back in college and he bragged about it to some of his employees and word reached my husband. I had 4 casual partners (ONS and fuck buddies) that I didn't tell my husband about. I only told him about my 4 exes because he only asked how many bf's I had before him. I didn't see a reason to tell that because I knew he could be a little jealous and I was his first. I told him everything and now he threatens to leave me for that? We have a kid of 2 and I am pregnant with a second! I know it's not the most fun thing to hear but we have buit a family and he would break up because other guys have been in his wife before him? I know it's not just his thoughts. He has some bad friends that are into this anti-feminism shit and think women are only there to pump and dump, who talked him into this kind of thinking.

Men want to be fucked but don't want a woman who's been fucked. They want us to know how to suck their cocks, fuck them senseless with enthusiasm but never take pleasure in the act until they are our partners? lol Ignorant, narcissistic egomaniacs. This is the attitude that keeps your wife lying to you and fucking someone else while you complain online that she doesn't enjoy sex, low sex drive, won't give it up. Comments like "no one wants to wife the slut" I would rather fuck 100 more guys in my life then marry a closed minded uptight basement jacking off to hamster porn because I shame my wife into being afraid to enjoy fucking douchebag!

Sorry for being so angry and spreading a negative vibe, but WTF?
My husband threatens to leave me because I fucked more guys than he thought?
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