Girls and Guys, what is your stance on Gender Neutral Bathrooms?

We are going to create a hypothetical situation where both men and women restrooms are completely obliterated from American society and we simply have restrooms available to both genders.

BEFORE YOU ANSWER... please take into consideration the pros and cons very well to solidify your most accurate stance.

Here are some examples of pros:
- You can take your son/daughter of opposite gender to the bathroom without feeling awkward.
- You can hang out even with your guy friends in the bathroom.
- Guys can prank girls in the bathroom, and girls can prank guys in the bathroom.
- Transgenders will not feel depressed because bathrooms will include them like everyone else.
- Easier for a man who enters the bathroom to spot a sexual offender and kick his ass (whereas sexual offenders would simply enter into the women's bathroom before where no men would enter)
- Easy sex in the bathroom... consensual sex. :)

Here are some examples of cons:
- Girls and guys won't be able to escape their dates by hiding in the restrooms.
- Girl/boy bathroom talk will not exist anymore.
- Girls and guys might get very embarrassed if they fart all over the toilet before the opposite gender.
- Girls and guys might get grossed out by being in the same room as the opposite gender that is exploding in the stall.
- Masturbation in the bathroom will get really weird.
- Possibility of increased peeking/rapeylapey D:
YESSSS! I like the idea that men and women shall pee together!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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IWWWWW!!! NO! No rapeylapey!! D:
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+1 y
please tell me why thanks guys :)
Girls and Guys, what is your stance on Gender Neutral Bathrooms?
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