Why "white men" are called "white men" but "white women" are called "women"?

I'm brazilian, but the word "minorities" include already the women of other races, why white women are called "women" instead of "white women"?

Americans should use the word "white women and minorities" instead of "women and minorities" because this create a victimization for white women even white women being one of the most pampered group with lobby and power

Use the word "white men" for "white men" is good for American political strategy who turned "white men" in something pejorative to be used, but use the word "white women" instead of "women" destroy their political social engineering strategy.

See the white women using the word "white men" as pejorative and calling themselves "women" instead of "white women" is crazy, and worse is that white guys defend, worship the white women even white women making all these things unlike the women of other races against men of own race for years

Why the word "white women" is not worked to be something pejorative, to white women feel shamed, demoralized, attacked instead of being related just like a fetish or trophy for fantasies of men of other race who the white women even enjoy these things? Why don't destroy the image of "white women" in the same way white women supported everything to try to destroy you "white men"?

Look, the leftist anti-white male hate website is owned by white woemn
Why white men worked to try to create a status and propaganda for white women while white women always worked to attack and destroy white men?

Why you defend white women after years of white women trying to trash white men in scenes of some movies, commercial, propaganda, compare everything made by white women with women of other races, compare the lives of white women with the lives of black women, arab, Asian, all women of other races and ethnicities victim?

Forbid white women to use the word "woman" and exploit the word "white women" to be related to shit in the same way the word "white men" for same racist political strategy
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All the time the American news, media, propaganda, hate, never call white men, "men", it's always "white men' for political hate strategy, but the "white women" is never called "white women", the white women are called "women" for try to pretend not being one of the most pampered groups of people in earth and pretend to be victim while the white women openly explicit use the word "white men" against men of own race like something pejorative because is part of American social engineering politics
Why "white men" are called "white men" but "white women" are called "women"?
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