Hooked up with guy now he won't leave me alone? How to get him to stop?

About a year ago this guy approached me on campus. Went went on a date and soon after he became very sexual. We were texting and he told me how the entire time we were talkin he was looking at my boobs and my crouch wishing he could fuck me. I was alittle hurt bc i thought he actually liked me so i cut him off. I do get horny at times tho so about a week later i hit him back and we had sex. It was cool at first bc he was really nice i even told him how i dont normally hook up but how I've always wanted a friends with benefits. So it was cool and he hit me up for sex the next week then basically we just were fuckin every week. He usually initiated we never talk or anything except if it was about sex. But tbh i started to become emotionally lonely so i started dating this guy on campus. My friends with benefits as usual kept textin for sex but i told him about my new boyfriend and how i wanted exclusivity and he seemed fine with it. A month later tho he started textin me again i ignored him for awhile. But eventually he started callin from different numbers. He got mad but i told him that i didn't want to sleep with anyone else but my boyfriend but he didn't understand. So he started textin again weekly for sex eventually i broke down and replied that he just needs to find someone else and leave me alone"he replied "No we're not gonna stop, your the only girl that satisfies me". I told him about how he made me feel unwanted because he became sexually selfish"he replied that he comes out so far to see me from where he lives that he didn't understand how i felt unwanted, n that there are girls where he lives that do it too so responded "good sleep with them" but again he said he wants it with me. Tbh i just feel like he's too lazy to get another friends with benefits. Eventually i really told him off and he stopped texting again so i thought ok its over. But a month later he started again. I kept ignoring him he blew up at me. Eventually i said "FORGET ABOUT IT" and he said "He cannot forget about it and that he's tried but he cant".
Hooked up with guy now he won't leave me alone? How to get him to stop?
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