I found out my boyfriend? molested his sister (also my best friend and house mate) when growing up?

I moved in with my friend, who I didn't really know, but she was from the same place as me; and we both live 300+ miles away from our family's, well she has her brother, dad and Gran; but I have no family. I desperately needed somewhere to stay because I was living with my ex still who cheated, and she suggested to get a house together so we did. Things were looking up; however she was paying for nothing, very controlling etc which got on my nerves. I met her brother after a week of moving in, immediately attracted to him for many reasons, his face was perfect, one eye was piercing blue; other was piercing green. His hair was prince Harry ginger, model like features, tall, muscular and very defined. We had so much in common; we both could play guitar, we're both from the same place which is awesome because I never met another person from the same area, we even had friend group but never met before. And the most greatest past is that we are on the same wavelength. The same night I met him was the same night he told me he got accused of rape on two occasions, but never got charged. He seemed normal and it's easy to accuse someone of rape.
We started meeting up; liking each other more and more until we both felt ourselves falling for each other, and had our first kiss. I never felt anything like it, and he said the same. I was with a guy for 2 years + and it was never like this.
Then one day after work, my friend told me she needed to talk to me.. She told me the rape accusations were true, and that he also raped her while growing up.
My jaw dropped to the ground, upset obviously however I kept my chin up; my friend told me to keep it to myself and break it off with him so I did; I told him I need time to myself because I found out my dad was terminal with cancer, even though it killed me to do this, at this point I was in love with him..
+1 y
Long story short; he told me that he did molest her, but he isn't a rapist; she consented it as messed up as it is, she used to say sly stuff as "if you make me hot chocolate you can come in my room"..

I live with this girl and I have no idea what to do because I'm in love with him, but it sickens me thinking about his past; our connection is so true, I've never felt like this before... Any ideas what I should do?
I found out my boyfriend? molested his sister (also my best friend and house mate) when growing up?
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