Men reject hot virgins?


im really looking for honest advice- this is not about the woman having flaws, or anything about her. Let's say there's a smoking hot woman- i mean she's a 10 ok hotter than a 10. Gorgeous, super nice caring sweet... let's say a great catch. She's great. Nothing wrong with her. The guys she's meeting though- i guess a lot is wrong with them, but this female is a virgin too- b/c she can't seem to find a guy who will even be a boyfriend- all the men she meets try to use or abuse her, or just mess with her head... recently, she met a guy- who she started liking who tried to tell her he wanted all these things...

he was chasing her sexually and they had some oral sex a few times, but when she was interested in losing her virginity to him, he started playing more games and sort of stopped seeing her--they both talked about it too- why would a guy who's pursuing sex leave when a girl says she wants to have sex... it makes no sense. He really tried to bring her down and mess with her head, treat her like dirt.. he also had a really small d*ck--did he do this b/c he was insecure?

another guy she sort of dated- tried to take her virginity a few times but he wasn't doing it the right way--he wasn't slow or cared and it didn't happen. Another old guy she dated, just wanted to control her and made fun of her virginity and didn't have sex with her- but he said she was the hottest woman he had ever seen. Why the hell are these guys abusing a beautiful hot virgin, just trying to put her down and terrorize her? the old guy admitted he was jealous of her--
Men reject hot virgins?
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