My boyfriend never touch my breasts, is that acceptable?

I have small breasts, never thought it was an important issue as I always think even with small breasts I am still sexy, and all my Exes was pretty obsessed with me on bed. But my current boyfriend never pays attention to them, he hardly even touch them, but I really into that. I understand he have a long hour job witch makes him exhausted when he come home, he may want get it over quickly, but we were being together for half year, he never touched my breasts. He is bad at foreplay as well. Since I can’t get proper sex as I usually do, I am missing the way I had sex with my Exes always. It is big change of sex life since I start dating him. Usually my Ex will do the foreplay so good that I have to beg him to stop, can’t wait to get into the “main course”. But with him, mostly no foreplay whatsoever. Feel like having sex with random stranger instead of with my boyfriend
I talked with him about this boob issue several days ago, he said he just not that into boobs yet I caught him complement other girl’s boobs on social media.
So I think maybe it is a delusion that I thought he is in love with me. I thought if a man love his girl he will pay attention to her breasts on bed instead of just put his dick straight in. He is 8 years older than me, thought he supposes to know how to treat girls on bed after all that relationships. I guess he just don’t want to make the effort for me. It was ok since we just dated for like half year, I can’t imagine I will put up with this shit way of having sex for long term, and I don’t want to cheat on him latter on because of boob issue.
Just want the honest opinion on this. Guys, will you never touch your GF’s breast just because they are small? Is it possible that a guy will actually change his behaviour on bed eventually? Should I just stop wasting my time on this relationship and move on? I do grow very fond of him , but I love sex too much to put up with this anymore.
My boyfriend never touch my breasts, is that acceptable?
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