Are there any guys extremely turned on/infatuated by skinny girls and why?

So I was wondering this because so many guys looooove thick girls! I think thick woman are pretty honestly I think the man upstairs made all women beautiful but lately the trend is thick thick thick! The thicker the better!

So I lost sum weight and am now what some probably consider skinny or slim. At first I thought I kind of like this weight it's good for modeling or etc and I can't lie and say I haven't still been approached by different guys for a date yada yada. But thick girls I feel trash compared to them sometimes because I hear guys saying stuff all the time about big butt big hips just infuriates me cuz I'm like, what do I really have? Like I have a little sumthing but still... I've seen pictures of some women and they have a lot! And dudes loose it! But to the point what really had me dying inside almost was this guys post on here describing thick girls. Here's an incerpt:(I had to shorten it) Most Helpful Guy
You are not fat babe. You are sexy, beautiful, and amazing. You are a picture of what many of us men think a woman should look like. I personally don't want to cuddle some stick skinny pencil. Some thin chicks are hot, sure, but a pretty, thick girl is it. She's perfection and many women who know how many men feel about curves get jealous over girls who have nice t*ts

I feel like a thick girls body is something extremely beautiful. When I've been with skinny girls, I kind of felt like their main physical attribute other than their faces was just the pussy.
So yeah I'm like... for a skinny girl will I find a future husband who ever think a me that sexy? My god should I stop now! Should all skinny girls loose hope? Honestly I kno that is dramatic but in all seriousness with so much thick praise, do any men left have skinny girls praise like that? Could you share it here please and now. It would help me to decide if I really want to gain almost 40 pounds to b considered sexcci or a real woman, etc
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Just wanted to say thanks to all replys an I just think I had 1 of those true I feel hideous types of days lol

But in the end I think it's best wether skinny or thick to feel comfortable about yourself and find someone who loves you for you:)

So that is my update or recent comment 4 this.
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And for the guys that didn't like skinny/thin girls, the question wasn't actually for you it's not like your opinion matters, like typing a response was basically pointless it's kind of funny how people can be so unhelpful in situations, like the shade people show is unbelievable and shameless sometimes
So yeah had to say something about that and that's that for my last update for the post
Are there any guys extremely turned on/infatuated by skinny girls and why?
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