I love my boyfriend but he scares me sometimes. What should I do?

I love him a lot, I say it and I feel that way too. He gives the best hugs and he's always wanting to know what I'm doing which makes me feel like he cares for me. He waits for me for a long time and he forgives a lot of mistakes I've made in the relationship. He hangs out with me during his spare time between work, school, and gym.

However he has a lot of female friends that he talks to and plays games with but, he won't let me even talk to guys much less make friends with them. Whenever I'm too busy or I can't reach him, he suspects me of cheating and 'fucking/dicking around' <- having fun with guys. He gets really mean whenever I even talk to guys. I'm not even allowed to suspect that he's cheating when he talks to a lot of girls and he has dated quite a lot of girls in the past. I suspected him yesterday and shit went down.

Today he scared me so bad that I cried. I visited him early before I start work, and he likes playing around with his bb guns and bb riffles but I'm really scare of it because of the loud noise it makes. He lied to me and said that the gun doesn't have any bb ammo in it and it shoots out carbon dioxide gas. He pointed it at me and he said that if I ever do things I'm not supposed to be doing, he will not hesitate to shoot me and I asked him like what and he doesn't want to say it. He said if I ever talk to guys, he will take the gun and put it inside my vagina and thrust it to make me fear him. he said if I play around with his heart, he will take the gun and shoot my face too, so no guy will love me. He'll make everyone turn against me. He was like "Do you understand?"

Then I said 'I don't know.." and I cried, I was kind of scared but upset at the same time. I don't know if he will actually do that, but after I started crying he pulled me close to his chest and kind of told me to hug him really tightly. He said he was joking about shooting me.

Why does he need to scare me? Doesn't he trust me?
I love my boyfriend but he scares me sometimes. What should I do?
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