Why do so many religions to depict women as the first screwup?

in the Christian and Muslim Believe there adum and eve and Believe there was Avenue humanity was just fine Untill God made women and she didn't listain to go and ate from the tree of good and evil. The old Greek religion It was Pandora who is the first woman on earth and of course you guys know the box well she open the box releasing all the evils that were in the box onto the world closing it in time for one Evil to stay in hope Romans the same.

A lot of religious history depict women as Messiaen evil
the Greeks beleave this because women are week you gotta protect them and go and work for them with out them men wouldn't survive and yet the opeaned the box releasing all the evil of the earth even Christianity states the a women ate from the tree of good and evil and adum tempted by her beauty ate with her and screwed up the world. If the bible is correct this mean women are evil if any religious belief women just bring Missouri to men so why would any women want to beleave in any religoin if pretty much every one depict women as being evil.

PS sorry for the bad spelling I'm highly dislexic and idc to go and edit, I don't think women are evil exept one and it Hillary Clinton she should be in jail she risked national security information she accept money from Sadi Arabia a country where women get raped and stoned for having sex out of wedlock and do nothing to the rapeist you want a rape culture it's in Sadi Arabia not the United state and then Hillary turns around and says she for women right if she was for women rights then wouldn't accept money from that type of country she is a bigger hypocrite and liar then trump ( there both skum)
Why do so many religions to depict women as the first screwup?
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