How protective are guys of their testicles?

My boyfriend loves it when I tie him up in the bedroom. We have a few different restraints etc but a few days ago I just used 4 pieces of rope to tie him onto each corner of the bed so he was spread out nice and wide.

We have chats between kinky sex to tell each other what feels good and what doesn't. He told me he wishes I would make him fight the restraints a bit more. For example if I tie him up and give him a blowjob he kind of doesn't notice the bondage because he doesn't feel like he needs to move around.

In the midst of our bondage session I started lightly flicking and slapping his testicles. Not enough to cause pain but enough to give him a little wakeup jolt. It worked really well and it was like he had an involuntary reflex to try and close his legs or move his hand each time I flicked them. I even alternated between the left and right testicle just to keep him guessing.

I never knew he would be so extremely jumpy with it haha
Would you say all guys are this protective of their balls?
It was like he couldn't control it, he just had to jump
How protective are guys of their testicles?
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