How do women feel about thick penises? (5.8 girth)?

Ok so I'm a virgin... so i lack any experience to self judge my penis other than statistics and articles online. My length is decent at 6.5 inches (not too short and not too long). My girth is 5.8... I have heard the average is from 4.5-4.8 inches. 5.5 is considered big apparently.

So anyways do you women like thick penises? obviously girls aren't going to know the size etc in inches but say a guy you had sex with who you noticed was thicker than most... was it good?

Also any tips for preparing a girl other then oral... I'm guessing i may need longer and perhaps some lube or something? For the guys that have a similar penis girth do girls like it? Do you run into troubles etc?

PLEASE READ: Girth is the distance of say a piece of string around the penis. Width wise mines 1.8-2 inches. Also this isn't to show off... this is something I'm concerned about.
How do women feel about thick penises? (5.8 girth)?
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