I am totally fucked?

My boyfriend and I have never had sex, but we have done everything else pretty much.. oral, fingering, etc. Anyways, we had a pregnancy scare a month ago :/ Luckily I was fine. Don't ask what happened with that but you can get pregnant without having sex!! Anyways, after that we tried to be extra careful, I went to his house once and he fingered me but his fingers were totally dry and clean (made sure of this bc this is what caused our scare last time) so yeah. A week later I went over again and he fingered me and again we made sure his fingers were clean but he got a little carried away he took his shorts off and we were dry humping pretty much we both had our underwear ugh this is where it gets bad, he took his penis out and started rubbing it on my underwear, now listen, i am VERY aware of precum. He said he didn't have any, he says he was so dry that it was even painful and I saw and he was dry but im worried because my period was due on the 13-14th this month and I still haven't gotten it. What we did was a week prior to the 13th. I got my period on July 13th then Last month on the 14th so I was expecting it around the same time this month but no.. I have been feeling cramps all week but no sign of my period anywhere. I'm really stressing out. If I don't get it by Wednesday, a week later, then I'm taking a pregnancy test. I'm just super worried like you would think I would have learned from last time.
+1 y
I still haven't gotten my period. I feel like I have gained weight.. my stomachs been hurting all day as if my period is coming but still nothing :/ My stomach also hurts if I try to suck it in and ugh im just worried I feel like I have been eating more and im just :/
I am totally fucked?
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