Losing my virginity was very underwhelming?

18 male. I lost it today. And it was very underwhelming. Pretty much, everyone I knew lost theirs, and I was the last one. I felt like I was missing something. I've fantasized about sex for quite some time and for some reason I felt like I really wanted it. I've thought about saving ti for a long time, but decided to just go for it.
So pretty much there was this girl I knew who really liked me and has experience. I knew if i started talking to her, one thing would lead to another and she would put out. To be honest, I dont really like this girl. i usually get nervous around girls i like and she's attractive yes, but I felt no intimacy towards her, and no nervousness either. Getting naked in front of her was very easy, and i had no anxiety which was surprising to me. she really seemed like she knew what she was doing and she seems to be pretty good at it. We did quite a bit of kinky stuff aswell which I always fantasized about. getting her in bed was easy, I barley had to try to put in any effort of getting her to like me at all, which is usually not the case. It was pretty easy for me and I had no nervousness even though I honestly expected myself to be sweating buckets. and before i knew it, it was over. I looked in the mirror to see if i looked any different I didn't feel so different either.

I am started to believe that causal sex is very over rated. I mean it feels okay, but its not crazy. I have had a better time just TALKING to girl that I had real feelings for than any of this. intimate and non sexual moments with girls actually felt better and more exciting than this. Perhaps the reason men want casual sex is they might be looking for validation, like I was. But in all honesty, it doesn't really mean much to have sex with a girl just because. Anyone else feel like this?
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by the way, it was taking me a while to cum for some reason. maybe i just felt under stimualted
Losing my virginity was very underwhelming?
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