My boyfriend feels inadequate in bed?

Last night we had sex, after he came the first time, he felt embarrassed that he didn't last as long as he THINKS he should (he lasted about 20-25 mins, he wants to last hours like he has done in the past). He got upset which made the mood really tense between us even though I enjoyed it very very much.

A few minutes go by, he starts putting his hand down my underwear and fingering me. Usually he doesn't do this, but apparently he felt pathetic in his penis abilities compared to his fingers because he could tell that my reaction with his fingers gave me more pleasure. He didn't tell me he felt this way until we talked about it later.

After he fingered me, he took my underwear off and we had sex again. He came, and then we cuddled. He fingered me again, I sucked him off, and then I went on top of him to ride him. He got a cramp on his leg and got really really upset with himself and felt really embarrassed. He ended it finally and then we just laid for a bit. I could tell he was extremely upset that he thought he ruined it for me.

I drove home and we talked on the phone later that night. I kept telling him how it was probably the best sex we've had in months. Not just the fingering, but the way he was moving, how he was very passionate and the entire night. I really really liked it. The ONLY thing i didn't not like was the way he reacted to the things that happened. He would hit things, be mad about the most remedial things... If only he would have just laughed it off, it would have been a perfect night. He didn't believe me.

I told him its extremely hard for me to orgasm through sex. And that when he's happy and gets his orgasm, I'm more than happy. He wants me to have my orgasm and experience the same release as he always does and he's angry in his abilities because he feels like his penis can't give me the same pleasure as his fingers can. I just got really hurt that he would say that because its so not true!

How do we settle this?
My boyfriend feels inadequate in bed?
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