Feeling really depressed after a one night stand... What shall I do?

So, I have been talking to this guy for the past 4 months and we met off tinder and he messaged me first. One evening he messaged me and we started talking again, but the conversation mainly led to sex, I still continued talking to him despite thinking that he is just after sex, I was secretly hoping to change his mind by talking to him and sending cute photos. Then he asked me out one week in advance to go out Friday evening because he works quite a lot and has only the weekend free, if even that. So, I dressed up really nice but also left my flat thinking that this is probably a fuck date and he is nothing special. However, I met him outside his company and he looked super glamorous, elegant in his suit and briefcase and he called his private chaffeur (in a new mercedes) to pick us up and we went to a lovely bar where he generously kept ordering champagne and food and he took me to his flat which was super lavish and extravagant and i just fell in love with him and his life style already. The most important thing is that as soon as we met we instantly clicked and connected on an emotional level and we kept talking for really long time and we really seemed to get along. I would start off the sentence and he would finish it for me, he just gets me more than any other man and is emotionally mature and stable. Later, when we went to his flat we had the most amazing sex ever and he was extremely generous in bed. He told me to lay down and dont do anything and he went down on me for so long, made me squirt 3 min into foreplay and then we kept fucking all night and he kept going down on me and asking me to sit on his face and kept asking me to 'cum' for him. I was completely blown away thats the best sex I've ever had in my life because no one has made me squirt, come so many times and so caring of my sexual needs. In the morning he ordered me a taxi back home and paid for it but he hasn't messaged me since then. I am just feeling broken because I want to date this guy
Feeling really depressed after a one night stand... What shall I do?
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