I want my FWB back?

we were FWB for a good 5 months then things got too serious and we broke it off about a month ago. Now he's saying he can't even be my friend and hang out because he will want to have sex with me. I miss his sex and his company, and he knows it. I've told him, but I want him back. what can I do?


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  • the only way your gonna be fine with this is firs of all you have to understand that he wants you but only for sex and you have to be ok with that. you need to meet other guys and you need to have sex with another guy whether he's gonna be your friends with benefits or boyfriend or whatever, at that point your not gonna care if your old friends with benefits calls you or not and the thing with guys is this...

    the more you act like you care and you can't go on without them theyll take advantage and theyll just call you whenever they want because they know you'll be waiting by the phone...

    but when you show this guy that your not waiting by the phone for him, hell start calling you off the hook and then you'll have the power. if you felt that the sex was great then surely he felt the same and as long as you gave him something that no other girl is giving him, h WILL come back, but for now... just back off of him and you'll get him sounds ironic but that's the guy game...they love it :)let him call you and when he does don't answer right away and when he asks to hang out tell him you already made plans and don't see him for like a week after that...

    just for starters good luck

    • I mean we were always more then FWB we hung out without having sex, we went out to dinner and movies and everyone knew about us but he didndt want a relationship so he called it FWB. he knows I miss the sex and that I'm ok with just having sex but idk. I think he's really done but I'm not sure if I can do anything about it besides wait for him to contact me but I honestly don't know if he will.. I don't know why he wouldn't though

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  • "You'll want to have sex with me. I want to have sex with you. I don't see what the problem is."

    • Because he said it didn't work out last time because we have been on and off because I treat it too much like a relationship when he doesn't want to be attached, but its true we weren't just FWB we went out together all the time to dinner and stuff so idk.. what can I do?

    • You told him you'll have him back, on his terms. There's not much else. If he still doesn't want to, you can't make him.

    • My quess here is that he is not interested in the relationship with you, and he feels that if you guys continue to do the nasty you will continue to get the wrong idea that your relationship is going somewhere. You want more, he doesn't. I know it sucks.

  • Seduce him again.


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  • I don't know if YOU can do anything to get him back. I say you act like your completly fine & don't tell him you mis him or anything but don't act like your upset/mad or anything & maybe he'll come back to you after a bit of time. I know its hard/: