Why are men's standards so high and why are they so reluctant to admit it?

According to this site, and many men really, to be desirable, you must:
-Be light or pale skin
-Have pink nipples, pussy, etc
-Colored eyes
-Young, borderline illegal even (16-25), after 30, you're chopped liver apparently
-Big boobs, butt aka curvy

Now personality:
-Nice (about the only reasonable standard)
-Traditional yet independent (somewhat contradictory)
-No daddy issues
-No kids
-Virgin or very low count but yet still be a horny sex kitten for him
-Dont date black guys (for many white guys on this site apparently)
-Shy yet confident enough to not be jealous, insecure, restricted sexually etc.

Now, you can argue that women's standard are unreasonable, but I would highly disagree. Just on age alone, we like men of all ages, not just the ones fresh out of puberty like men. Or men on this site. We dont care if your nipples aren't pink or brown, its extremely arbitrary to find colors desirable for the most part. Pale skin, not many women care. I guess body shape, yes women want fit men, but then men want curvy women with big tits so that cancels out. Nice, both men and women want that. Traditional, thats probably about equal. "Baggage" like daddy issues or kids, more women are lenient than men and would rarely use the term "damaged goods" while men have no qualms insulting women like that. Virgin, women are all over the place with this. If she's a virgin, she typically wants a virgin, if she isn't, she typically doesn't care or doesn't want one. But men of all sexual statuses seem to prefer virgins or low count, while few dont care. Women aren't as fixated with race as men are. And I will say that yes women want confidence while men want shy, so that one cancels out.
But overall, men's standards are more unreasonable on looks alone because you're not going to find much busty young light skin women that are virgins, that leaves only like I don't know, maybe less than 1-3% of the population of single women as truly desirable?
So why dont men admit this stuff?

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1) I KNOW that women have high standards, that isn't the question. We at least admit usually. Men are extremely hesitant to do so
2) I DONT think its a bad thing. In fact, I always say raise your standards because this person is typically who you're going to spend the rest of your life with.

Please stop trying to direct the question into a different thing and focus lol
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Holy shit this is the most likes I've received on a question lol
Why are men's standards so high and why are they so reluctant to admit it?
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